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Why Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge?

There has been tremendous pressure of scoring good marks on our kids. This has led to the rise of rote learning in the education system in absence of solid foundation based learning. Our kids have been at the receiving end. Their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in real life is suffering. But to succeed tomorrow, they need to focus on developing skills rather than learning facts.

Gyan Lab is introducing the Kidovators Challenge to empower our kids and promote fun-ducation in their lives. Our kids are extremely creative, imaginative, intuitive and innovative in their nature. Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge is a platform where they can show these skills and hone them.

The Necessity

Every child is born a genius. We, at Gyan Lab, wish to give our kids much more than a pen and paper test. We want them to ask questions, look for the problems, find the solutions and have a truly satisfactory learning experience. So, we made sure that kids do not need to go for any preparation for the Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge – just the right thirst for knowledge and tonnes of curiosity added with doses of real life problem solving attitude and common sense is the true winning combination for Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge.

The challenge is open for students from Grade 3 – 8 across 106 towns and cities in India. College students can also participate in the competition.

Why Participate?

  • Not just a pen and paper test but also a tech race promoting hands-on learning in a fun-ducative manner
  • Prizes and Rewards worth Rs. 2 crore to be given out to various winning students and schools
  • Conducted across 106 cities, 11,000+ schools in 18 states bringing out the best of students from all over India to battle it for the ‘National Kidovator’ Award
  • The challenge promotes creativity, imagination, intuition and innovation (skills already present in your child) and helps them hone these skills for a more promising life ahead
  • Gyan Lab will constantly work with and invest over time in the ‘National Kidovator’ Champions ensuring a successful life ahead
  • Every kid would receive an analysis based on the ‘Gyan Meter’ system of evaluation on a question by question basis based on their what are their strengths and which areas need more working
  • Cash prize worth Rs. 10,000 will be given to the Round 1 winner amongst the college students.
  • Top 5 participants among the college students will get an opportunity to Intern at Gyan Lab and funducate India.